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Schedule of Meeting Date for 2019 to 2020

Cromar CC 2019 – 2020 Meeting Dates

General information:

Please visit our Facebook page, or our Website or email the secretary

Each Councillor now represents all parts of Cromar. The current members are:

  • Chairperson: Simon Welfare
  • Treasurer & Secretary: Dave Ellis
  • Nigel Healey
  • Christine Padgham

  • Evelyn Smith,
  • Joyce Lovie
  • Emma Murphy
  • Andrew Wilson

Meeting Minutes

Agenda and minutes 24th June 2020

Agenda and minutes 27th May 2020

Agenda and minutes 22nd April 2020

minutes 25th March 2020

Agenda 26th February 2020

Agenda and minutes 7th January 2020

Flood meeting minutes 7th January 2020

Agenda and minutes 4th December

Agenda and minutes 6th November 2019

Agenda and minutes 2nd October 2019

Agenda and minutes 21st August 2019

AGM Agenda , Chairman’s Report and minutes 26th June 2019

Agenda and minutes 26th June 2019

Agenda and minutes 29th May 2019

Agenda and minutes 24th April 2019

Agenda and minutes 20th February 2019

Agenda and minutes 8th January 2019

Agenda and minutes 5th December

Agenda and minutes 7th November 2018

Agenda and minutes 3rd October 2018

SGM Agenda and minutes 11th September 2018

Agenda and minutes 22nd August 2018

AGM Agenda and minutes 27th June 2018

Agenda and minutes 27th June 2018

Agenda and minutes 23rd May 2018

Agenda and minutes 25th April 2018

Agenda and minutes 21st March 2018

Agenda and minutes 13th February 2018

Agenda and minutes 9th January 2018

Agenda 11th January 2017        Minutes 7th December 2016

Agenda 22nd February 2017    Minutes 11th January 2017

Agenda 6th December 2017     Minutes 1st November 2017