Tarland Trails

Tarland Trails can be found in Drummy Woods to the SW of the village. They are a set of mountain bike trails that opened to the public in 2015. They consist of a family Trail (blue), a technical run (red), big jump run (orange) and a large pump track.

The trails are short but altogether total around 3km.
The Blue is known as the The Spikey Hedgehog, the Red trail as The Red Squirrel and the Orange as The Slinky Fox. The pump track is called The Puddock Pump Track.

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About the Trails

The project was developed by Tarland Development Group working alongside the MacRobert Trust. Chris Redmond, the project coordinator has spent two and a half years developing the project. It was inspired and supported by the Aboyne Bike Park Association who also helped with the funding, signage and planning permission.
This project could have not have been completed without funding from a variety of sources. The major funders were the Macrobert Trust, Legacy 2014: Active Places Fund, Marr Area Partnership, the Robertson Trust and Cyclehighlands. The MacRobert Trust in particular were instrumental in helping the project come to fruition.  They not only leased the land to Tarland Development Group (TDG) but also helped to fund the project and they continue to support TDG in many other ways.

Foundation Scotland

Funded by Foundation Scotland (Flood Recovery Fund)

      Legacy 2014 - Active Places Fund       200x143_working_with_vslogo

How to get there

Tarland Trails is located in Drummy Woods at the edge of Tarland Village in Aberdeenshire.

Address: Drummy Woods
Burnside Road,
AB34 4ZQ

Coming from Aboyne: Turn left before the humpback bridge. Follow Burnside Road and turn left after you pass Mill Road.
Coming from Aberdeen: Turn right through The Square. Turn left onto Mill Road. Turn right onto Burnside Road then left shortly afterwards.
Coming from Logie Coldstone direction: After the 30 speed limit and Caravan Park take the next right. That is where the car park is with the trails and pump track just beyond.

Show the Riders Code
  • Always wear a helmet and gloves. Consider other protection
  • Look before you leap or ride
  • Use trails in the correct direction. Don’t push back up the trails.
  • Don’t ride along, carry a phone.
  • Look out for others, especially horses in the first 100m of the Blue Trail.
  • Slow down. Pass with care.
  • Keep it clean. Take litter home or use the bins provided.
  • Stick to the trails. Take care of the environment.
  • Getting changed? Please do it discreetly.
Show Nearby Places
Family Rides
    • The Tarland Way and The Deeside Way.
    • Cross Country Bike Trails
      • Around Ballater the Lochnagar and Morven “Killer Loops” are great for panoramic views and huge descents. The Cairn Leuchan ridge feeds four brake-burning descents and one crazy singletrack to the base of Mount Keen.
      • Glen Tanar contains the well-known Fungle route.
      • Cambus O’May, Loch Kinord, the infamous “Rollercoaster” and the classic Green Mile are popular singletrack areas.
      • In Tarland the skyline route, Pressendye and Pittendreich offer single track options. See The Tarland Show MTB Race route for a good circuit to do in addition to the trails.

Purpose Built Trails

All distances from Tarland:

Contact us

Tarland Trails has been developed by Tarland Development Group.  Tarland Development Group (TDG) acquired charitable status in 2010 and became a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in 2014 (Registered Charity SC041598).

Report problems to Tarland Development Group via tarlandtrails@gmail.com or Facebook.

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