Tarland Community Composting

The Tarland Community Composting scheme runs from April to mid November, with collections every fortnight.  Any additional dates will be advertised in the Piper and Spar shop.

Please put your bag(s) out on the pavement, or similar location, by 9.00am on the correct Saturday mornings.

Your bag will be emptied and returned. Please feel free to write your name on your bag to ensure you get the same one back.

Please remember bags are for garden waste only, and can not emptied if they contain unsuitable material. Bags should be no heavier than 25kg.

Tarland Community Composting - Collection bag

You can put in;

grass cuttings, weeds, dead plants, sticks less than 1 inch (approx 2cm) diameter, leaves, cones, hedge trimmings, shredded woody material, dead cut flowers. Please cut long material to the size of the bag.

You can not put in;

kitchen waste, food waste, paper, card, stones, gravel, sand, soil, man made items(pots, labels), animal faeces and bedding, sticks and branches greater than 1 inch (approx 2cm) diameter.

If you would like to volunteer with Tarland Community Composting, or have any queries, please contact Kate Redpath. Phone 81935. Email. tarlandredpaths@googlemail.com

Please let friends and neighbours know about the scheme, too. Annual membership is £10, which includes 1 bag. Extra bags available for £5 per bag.

Community composting project scoops award!

On the 20th June 2012, Kate Redpath and Lindsay Stewart attended an award ceremony at Kew Gardens organised by Proctor and Gamble’s “Future Friendly” scheme. Having been shortlisted to the final three entries, our composting project was awarded the first prize of £10,000, much to our surprise and delight.

The awards are aimed at community group projects which promote sustainability, including recycling, energy saving or reducing water consumption. There are also 2 other awards for individual adults and children, which were won by someone setting up a community garden, and a wee 10 year old boy whose interest in ferrets has led to him providing a rabbit eradication service in his local community!

We have had some thought about how the money will be best spent, but this will be discussed at the next TDG meeting. We are hopeful that we may be able to share the funds between the composting project and the proposed community allotment/garden/polytunnel project.

Well done Kate and everyone who has contributed to the success of the Compost Scheme.