Gone to Seed

TARLAND SEED SWAP AND POTATO DAY – Saturday 24th February 2024, 12:30pm – 2pm

What is the Seed Swap? come and exchange locally grown, traditional variety vegetable and flower seeds – the FREE seeds are available for you to take away whether you have managed to save any or not

What is the Potato Day? over 20 different varieties of unusual heritage and/or organic seed potatoes for sale

£2/entry/children FREE: Refreshments will be provided by the Cromar Senior Citizens.

There will be activities for children, and a chance to ask a local market gardener questions about growing veg successfully. We will also be selling garlic, onion sets and shallots for you to grow.

Have you Saved Seed This Year???

Please obtain some FREE seed envelopes by contacting Lizzy on gonetoseed@outlook.com

Put the seed that you have saved into the envelopes and bring along to the seed swap.

Please write on the seed envelopes – the more info the better, to let other gardeners know why you want to share this seed (date saved, type of vegetable or flower and variety, location seed saved, useful growing tips or characteristics (eg. colour, size, hardiness).

How many seeds should I put in??? It’s up to you but don’t overfill, fewer is probably better as more people will have a chance to take a packet and try out your seed. See rough guide below:

  • Pepper/ aubergine/tomatoes/courgette/pumpkin/squash – 10
  • Cucumber – 15
  • Beans/Peas – 30
  • Brassicas – 40
  • Spinach/beetroot – 50
  • Carrots/lettuce/radish – one teaspoon
  • Parsnips/onions/leeks – couple of teaspoons

Please make sure that you have not saved seed from F1 varieties and that the seeds are dry.  For information about how to save and store seed please see: www.gardenorganic.org.uk/seed-saving-guidelines

If you have any unused  commercially produced seed that  you no longer need, why not bring that along as well, so it does not go to waste!

To find out more about forthcoming workshops or to book a place, please email: gonetoseed@outlook.com

gts_LogoGone to Seed

Gone to Seed is a joint project between Tarland Community Garden (part of Tarland Development Group) Cromar and District Horticultural Society and Aboyne Garden Club. The aim of the project is to encourage local gardeners from Tarland and more widely in Aberdeenshire to conserve, grow and swap heritage varieties of vegetables and flowers.

To find out more about this project or be informed of future events please email gonetoseed@outlook.com or find us on facebook www.facebook.com/gonetoseedtarland/

Seed Saving Workshops – 2019

To enable gardeners to learn more about seed saving we ran some free workshops during the 2019 growing season. Workshop notes can be found by clicking on the links below:

A Simple Seed Viability Test

Introduction, Population Size and Roguing Workshop Notes 2019 05 12

Isolation Techniques and Hand Pollination Workshop Notes 2019 07 28 Handout

Fermenting, Cleaning, Sorting and Storing Seed Workshop Notes 2019 09 08 Handout

Seed saving table 2019