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The Howe of Cromar has a multi-layered history stretching back to the first hunter gathers who followed the salmon up the Dee after the end of the last ice age. With its rich farming soil, plentiful game, and strategic importance as the “backdoor” to the Highlands, it has a colourful past.

Cromar History Group is a lively group of people whose common interest is in learning about and preserving that past. We aim to share what we learn and make it accessible to everyone who might want to know more about Cromar’s fascinating part in history.

• From September to April we hold monthly talks on local history in the MacRobert Hall. Everyone is welcome. Full details of our programme are at Talks.
We have regular Members’ Meetings throughout the year in the MacRobert Hall.
• In the summer months we arrange Visits for members to interesting places locally.
• We have a large Archive of local documents, pictures and artefacts. Our archive can be searched on-line.
• Every year we produce a popular magazine “Echoes from Cromar’s Past” which contains articles and research.
• So come and join us and for further information see our Web-site.