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The Tarland notice board is a place to post useful information about future and current events in the village.

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A good productive day as I finished an article on Peter Milne's fiddle for the next edition of the Cromar History Groups annual magazine. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Tarland and Cromar Notice Board are an official drop off place for Northsound's 'Mission Christmas -Cash for Kids charity'.
Gifts should be new and unwrapped.
Thanks for your support in helping local children.
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If you are experiencing a power cut please phone 0800300999 to report it ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Tarland and Cromar Notice Board

Bike event at Tarland Trails, 9.30 until 2pm. Please avoid walking in Drummy Woods today.80 riders+ confirmed for tomorrow MTB race at TT. Excellent.

Races open to riders of all ages.

Day entry cost £10

Registration open between 9.30 & 10.30am, with racing starting at 11am.
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Bike event at Tarland Trails, 9.30 until 2pm.  Please avoid walking in Drummy Woods today.

6 days ago

Tarland and Cromar Notice Board''Tis the season for Christmas Fairs and what better way to do it than at Tarland on Saturday 25th November 2-4 pm in the splendid MacRobert Hall. Lots for all the family ☃️🎅🏻 ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Tarland and Cromar Notice Board

Hi, I am very pleased to say we are in the local good causes being supported by the Co-op. So if you are a Co-op member, please choose us for your charitable donations.
They give 1% to the charity of your choice for the next year. In our case it will all be used to buy equipment to support the after-school science Clubs. This does not affect your divi.
You will receive a communication from them asking you your choice and you click on that, or you can just go and log-in to your account which it will ask you to do anyway.
When you choose your cause you may need to find us, as we may not appear initially. (They only display what they think are the nearest three to you.) So there are two ways to get to us either choose 10 miles as the choice (or more as appropriate) and you should be able to find us, or choose the category "Education and skills" and we should come up under that.
If you do not know your password, you can reset it on the member's log-in page or you can phone them and they will do it for you.
To give you some idea of why we are having a big push on funding at the moment, it is because we now have three science clubs, supporting four schools, and just to do one small mechanical kit build (which we are planning at the moment) costs over £400 for the numbers of children attending. That's over 40% of the money promised now by AVIVA.
So help us out while you shop.
If you are are familiar with, we are also on that if you shop in that way. Again the money raised is not charged to you.
Finally, we are having a bag-pack in Aboyne supermarket on Saturday 2nd. December. So come and shop that day!
And don't forget we have a talk today at 7.30 on how harmful eating patterns are developed.
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2 weeks ago

Tarland and Cromar Notice Board

Interested in how you and your family get into bad eating habits? Interested in how to disrupt them? Come and engage with Dr. John McKenzie who is researching just that.

Fit Did Yi Hae Fur Yur Supper?Nov 15, 7:30pmMacRobert HallWe all know that the Scottish diet is infamous for its health consequences, but do we know how it becomes ingrained in our daily eating patterns? Dr. John McKenzie has been researching just that.
So if you are interested in how you and your family can break damaging patterns and ingrain new patterns of eating, come and listen to and discuss his reasearch with him.
Tickets on the door, £4 adults, free for those in FTE
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Fit Did Yi Hae Fur Yur Supper?

2 weeks ago

Tarland and Cromar Notice Board

Tarland Development Group's, Tarland Trails project have a crowdfunding campaign going at the minute to help raise the money to submit a planning application for Tarland Trails#2. If this is something you would like to see/help make happen in Tarland then use the link below to donate:

Tarland Trails
TT#2 Crowdfunding: - check out our t-shirt changing, crowd funding video and go give us some dosh if you can...
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